DesignerKRishnapriya Dutta Gupta
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

47 % of seniors do not actively engage with the Internet. We live in a world where modern technology is becoming more and more important every day, but here’s the thing—not everyone seems to agree with this fact. New things can be confusing and even intimidating to seniors. My idea is to make their experience simpler and approachable. It is also a great opportunity of helping senior who become victims of depression due to loneliness. Grey Geeks see technology as a means to accomplish powerful outcomes, not as an end in itself. We teach seniors how to use mainstream devices and applications that are popular among all age groups in order to promote integration and relevance. Grey Geeks uses technology to spread awareness, connect age-groups, organize events, simplify technology and have fun! Grey Geeks works with organizations to develop programs, tools to empower older adults ease into technology.

About Designer

I am a full-time MFA graphic design student at Academy of Art University originally from India, and now living in San Francisco. I have a strong interest in how graphic design and design research can be used to affect change and improve the human condition. I enjoy working with color, typography, print, publication design, branding and experimenting with interactive design. Prior to deciding to switch geographies and pursuing a Master's degree, I did art direction, working for ad agencies like Ogilvy in India. Besides being an aspiring graphic designer I am a mother of a four-year-old. I enjoy laughing at the silly antics of my son and dream about a brighter, better-designed future.