Defining the near future

CompanyAhead Concept Design
DesignerAhead Concept Design
Prize2nd Place in Interior Design / Office
Entry Description

The near future style shall promote the interaction of human and space through minimal design. The original spatial state, including the nude-installed ceiling and self-leveling cement floor, as well as the changing nature of shadows and tree colors, creates a space that seemingly has no design. Furthermore, large amounts of rough raw materials, such as wood veneer, original iron pieces, and unadorned galvanized iron, are used to construct a slightly scientific atmosphere. We simultaneously insisted on providing decorative touches in many details in order to create a unique “deliberately natural” feel with the raw materials and give the office a cool yet magnificent feeling with a little sense of conflict. Upon entering, the user shall be incorporated into the atmosphere, and the clothing and interior design will interact with one another to complete the sense of value.