Refining Harmony in a Cozy Space

CompanyAhead Concept Design
DesignerYU-CHENG, LO
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The essence of a private space is often determined by its users. Meanwhile, the role of the design is to interpret style to coincide with the exact pattern of daily life through the use of different materials. For example, the owner of the Taoyuan Chiang Home has an orderly yet distinctive personality. As a devote Buddhist, he is generous, open-minded and self- restrained. Therefore, we elected to create a balanced and elegant three-dimensional space within his home. Distinct color palettes and the use of vertical and horizontal lines are attention grabbing. Furthermore, the dark South American chicken-wing wood, the texture of the Thai silk, and the Teakwood floors lined with titanium crochets portray a quiet and graceful attitude.