DesignerJade Poh
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The LynkDisk flaunts its elegance with its minimalistic and ergonomic curve on its main body. Both ends are capped with a special U shaped flip protector shielding its connectors from damage when dropped. Transferring data from iPhone is now made simple. No need for iTunes. You can now transfer any data from your iPhone to the Memory Card or vice versa. You can also transfer your data from the Memory card to the Laptop all with the LynkDisk. Operate the Flip and snap the connector into your phone with one hand and start freeing gigabytes of memory from your phones while on the go. The external TF card slot supports up to 512GB. Read and write unlimited data with as many cards that you may carry with you. It is a piece of accessory that not only meets your daily need but also complements your fashion with its luxurious finishing.