DesignerStefan Degn
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Harder than any operation. The new generation of HEROS firefighting helmets. The formal orientation is clearly the topic „fire fighter“, a heroic affect for the user. Its about saving and protecting humans lives during fire fighting and other extreme situations. Especially the lives of injured as well as the lives of the forces. Heroic virtues, which are visualized through the equipment, the helmet in particular. Creatively formquadrat tried to put more emphasis on those emotions through formal shapes such as bevels and edges. The helmet expresses power/strength, dynamic and lightness. On the basis of bionic structures, those edges function - besides of the creative components - also through stiffening. This allowed formquadrat to reduce thickness and therefore weight to the minimum. Because of all those reasons, the HEROS-titan firefighting helmet sets the benchmark in the fields of firefighting helmets.

About Designer

Since 2010 formquadrat gmbh developes numerous designs in the fields of sport, investment and industrial products. www.formquadrat.com