The Surreal Rhapsody

DesignerYu Shu, Hsieh
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Biel crystal Ltd. located in Taipei, Taiwan is a company which researches the applications of micro glasses. His owner wants to give the staff a more creative and comfortable working space. Michael Wei is an entrepreneur who wants to integrate his several businesses at the same place. So he needs the resting area to be a simple kitchen+bar during day time and also a rehearsal stage for his another theater company “perfect match” at night. Since both companies need creative ideas, we decide to learn from our dreams and subconscious. And dream the space unlimitedly and artistically. We make the ceiling above the rehearsal area a sculpture which has a sense of weight but at the other side it looks lightly, just like a butterfly flying in the sky with a sting of a bee. With the melting guitar conference table and the foots of the bar are inspired by Dali. The flowing floor is like a river in our subconscious magical and musical. In function, there’s a great effect when it lights at night when they have a performance. The main path in the working space is an installation inspired by Yaacov Agam. We want to present the energy of thoughts jumping unstably that it might jump into a creative idea anytime.

About Designer

Passion lights everything !