Stream-Drinking Fountain Design

PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

"Stream" is a universal drinking fountain that provides people refreshing experience by requiring low physical effort, offering simple and intuitive way to use, and flexibility in use. It is also wheelchair accessible. "Stream" has adjustable spout, so that people could adjust the height of the water according to their own heights, avoiding the uncomfortable bending posture. "Stream" also has an arch in the front to hold people's hair/beard/earphones, protecting them from going into water. Controlled by the sensor inside, water goes out automatically from the drinking fountain when people come closer, users don't need to press the button all the time. On the left side of "Stream" there is a hook to hold people's belongings when they are drinking, reducing their physical effort. At last, not like the existing products which have cold and industrial form, "Stream" has fluid and elegant appearance, to help provide a refreshing drinking experience.