Santa Clara Law at Santa Clara University

DesignerForm4 Architecture
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The overall design motif harmoniously balances the traditional and modern design aspirations of Santa Clara University and the School of Law. The focus is on first creating a set of elegant and refined historical facades, which reflect the beauty of the older buildings on campus. The two anchor masses are then connected by an equally elegant, but modern infill of glass and metal. Modern design allows us to create expansive place-making based spaces, which traditional styles do not easily support. It also allows for a much greater degree of openness and transparency. This formal transparency addresses both the main entrance to the SCU Campus, and creates a strong and open link west towards the Business School. The design uses both the contrast and commonality of traditional and modern styles to create an architecture that speaks to both and builds off the strengths of each to create a unified whole.

About Designer

We believe architecture is the art of giving form to ideas. At Form4 Architecture, we strive to create architecture that is rational, empowering, and dynamic. We embrace collaboration and teamwork as the cornerstones of success, and we believe in designing welcoming environments that are fundamentally sustainable and accessible. As collaborative partners in the design process, our principals personally lead every project from concept to completion, bringing the collective wealth of years of expertise and knowledge to each client’s vision.