The Hive: Silicon Valley Headquarters

DesignerJohn Marx
Prize3rd Place in Interior Design / Conceptual
Entry Description

The Hive project reflects the company’s culture of being a great place to work while representing their innovative and forward-thinking services. All spaces were designed to support the goal of collaboration and interaction. One of the challenges is the common thought in Silicon Valley that only large horizontal floor plates should be used, up to 250,000 square-feet. Technology companies are frequently reluctant to go vertical. This project is a unique solution to the vertical collaboration challenge. The three wings come together in a 6-story, grand atrium that contains amenity and large collaboration spaces so employee interaction occurs not only on each floor but also between floors. The open glass-walled balconies allow people to increase visibility and connect via the projected open stairwell that extends through the atrium. Activated by its break rooms, game rooms, meeting spaces, and welcoming soft seating, the atrium also provides alternative work space.

About Designer

We believe architecture is the art of giving form to ideas. At Form4 Architecture, we strive to create architecture that is rational, empowering, and dynamic. We embrace collaboration and teamwork as the cornerstones of success, and we believe in designing welcoming environments that are fundamentally sustainable and accessible. As collaborative partners in the design process, our principals personally lead every project from concept to completion, bringing the collective wealth of years of expertise and knowledge to each client’s vision.