DesignerYunhyun Nana Park
Prize2nd Place in Sustainable Living/environmental Preservation / Residential Sustainable Design
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Entry Description

The Angry stool is inspired by the concept of Zero Waste. The shape is practical, efficient and flexible. It is made out of one board and can be assembled completely as itself without any additional parts. Each piece carries its own unique character due to use of recycled materials. The simple shape of the angry face is highly symbolic, mathematical and satirical and also it tends to interact with the audience by appealing to the imaginations and emotions. It is the design as a form of critique and focused on understanding of human life that is embodied in the technologies. What is this design telling you? The positive use of negativity, the angry face is talking to audience that we waste too much in our life and make them think more about our consumptions.

About Designer

In 2010, Yunhyun Park has launched her own studio ' Nanannani' in Seoul, Korea. After her marriage with Dr. Meanhwan Kim, she moved to Portland, USA and opened a local design studio 'Nanannani Collectible' and ran it until 2014. Now, Nanannani studio has moved to its present location in Basel, Switzerland and Yunhyun is working as a freelancer also, studying at the Institute Integrative Design | Masterstudio, HGK FHNW. Her main research interests lie in sustainable urban environments, forms and culture, critical design and speculative design.