Eco Element

CompanyLINX, Mikael Backstrom
ClientMikael Bäckström
DesignerMikael Bäckström
Prize2nd Place in Design For Society / Design for Sustainability
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Entry Description

Sanitation professionals identified a strong need for an efficient, durable, compact chemical proportioning system with functionality as a mop bucket and spray bottle filler. Eco Element is an ideal chemical proportioning system. Its small size and sleek lines make the Eco Element adaptable to many environments, primarily schools, hospitals, and retail facilities. Usability, efficiency and sustainability drive Eco Element’s identity. A linear, architectural design language reinforces an intuitive user interface. User touch points are defined by a hierarchy of iconography, contour, color, and allowances. These elements provide a positive user experience. Eco Element’s concealed manifold, hinged bag loading structure, and quick connect execute maximum labor and product efficiency. The manifold dilutes first-rate, super- concentrated Green Seal™ chemistry on site, which displaces traditional cleaning industry water complexes. Hermetically-sealed flexible chemical packaging plugs in to Eco Element to deliver an impressive 99.9% product evacuation rate and 89% less waste than other cleaning industry packaging.

About Designer

Linx is a product development company that provides design, engineering, and contract manufacturing.