ECO - The Eco-friendly interactive kettle

Prize3rd Place in Home Interior Products / Kitchen Appliances
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Entry Description

By providing visual feedback, Eco prevents over-filling the kettle and consequently decreases the chance of over-boiling water. Initially when the kettle is cold, the spout is facing the handle (Inspired by the coffeepot for masochists) which means it is impossible to pour water out of it but the lid can be opened and the kettle can be filled. By putting it on the stove, the shape memory spring, located at the center of the main body, reacts to the heat and gradually rotates the lid toward the natural form (spout and handle at the opposite sides), enabling the user to pour hot water out of it and securely locking the lid for safety reasons.

About Designer

I was born in Tabriz/Iran in 1985. I got my master degree in industrial design in 2012 in my hometown. I was working during my undergraduate and master period. Three years after my graduation (total 7 years of experience of working as interior, furniture and product designer) I decided to enhance my knowledge and skill in my field so applied and admitted by Arizona State University in Tempe. Now I am studying master of industrial design in this university and simultaneously I have been awarded as a Teacher Assistant.