Aibi. Allergy Alert System

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Aibi allergy alert system aims to help children and school staff better respond to allergic reactions and stop its potentially fatal onset. Allergic reactions in children can become fatal quickly, and the unexpected triggers of allergies together with the complexity of school health services can hinder a timely medical response. In the United States, every six minutes a child arrives at an hospital or emergency unit because of severe allergies. By monitoring allergies and alerting its onset to caregivers, Aibi ensures a proper and timely response. If histamine levels rise, a wristband on the child would send alerts wirelessly to its medicine applicator to blare for help, and to the school staff, nurse, and parents through mobile alerts to indicate further steps. Aibi aims to bridge the exchange of information between responders (parents, school staff, emergency response) and allergic children to successfully stop severe allergies on its tracks.

About Designer

Daniel graduated in interaction design from the University of Washington, Seattle. He also has developed industrial and visual communication design skills. His interest in design started while growing up surrounded by arts and crafts in Oaxaca, Mexico. He is an advocate for social design.