Clientfrog Design
Designerfrog, Landscape Forms
Prize1st Place in Illumination / Outdoor lighting
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Entry Description

The 35 Collection is a family of site furniture elements with a youthful spirit and a mission to promote social life in outdoor spaces. Guide is an illuminated bollard for pedestrian wayfinding, and one of three new additions to the 35 Collection of site elements created with design innovator frog. Its striking form consists of three cast aluminum panels of different heights surrounding a large optical element that houses LEDs arranged in vertical arrays. Light is emitted through the vertical slits between panels at 120 degree angles, illuminating the pathway area to the right and left of each bollard to create an overlapping pattern of light along the path. Unlit and removable versions are also available.

About Designer

A Sense of Place...You know it when you feel it. For more than 40 years Landscape Forms has been producing site furniture and accessories that help designers and other clients create a sense of place in outdoor environments. We do it through integrated product collections, leading edge technology and great design. We partner with international designers to create exceptional products, we nurture our own people to high achievement, and we operate our business at a standard that has earned customer loyalty and leadership in our industry. Our secret is simple: Design, Culture, Craft drive everything we do.