The Wave

ClientAndrew Cook
DesignerAndrew Cook
Prize2nd Place in Illumination / Special Purpose Lighting
Entry Description

Modular and reconfigurable high performance LED Lighting System.The Wave is offered in a wide range of interchangeable modules. Commercial, Industrial, Healthcare, Hospitality, Institutional. Sustainability LED Technology. Exeeds LEED award standards. Aluminum components manufactured from recycled materials.VOC Emission Free Electrostatic Powder Coating process for all painted components.Additional Green Attributes and Practices - See Barbican Green Manual. Awards 2015 IIDEXCanada Innovation Award SILVER - December 2, 2015 Pricing Prices are calculated based on specification and finishes. Pricing starts as low as $150.00 net per module. Notes Wave fixtures offer a very clean, innovative and contemporary design appeal.The modules are available in an extensive range of shapes, sizes and proportions. Barbican "Wave" fixtures offer high performance lED solutions that can be customized to meet the output and illumination requirements for a wide range of applications.Offered in a wide range of finishes and colors, the Wave intigrates our industry unique finishing process that laminates both fabric and printed finishes.