Within the hectic

DesignerJerrold Khoo
Prize2nd Place in Interior Design / Conceptual
Entry Description

In a world of constant flux and technology, I am interested in the relationship between the busy life, and the physical world we live in, how we strive to be efficient, neglecting moments of undisturbed pause. In the physical world, mud paths are unintended damage created by humans and efficiency. I seek to take this issue and impose digression within the hectic. To visualise digression is about breaking away yet still intact to the main form. A form of hectic-ness can be found in our natural instinct to take shorter paths. To digress within the hectic is a temporal escape to rest, reflect, and experience lightness. In this design, it is a series of homogeneous digressive spaces, broken out from the main path to encourage moments of pause back to nature. The playful form lures people away from the main path to a path for digression.

About Designer

As a designer, I am guided by three main pillars in my approach; the end-user, the site and the spatial narrative. Space is an endless yet subtle blanket that the physical body is in. It shelters us in practicality, tells its story through its aesthetics. At JRLD Studio, the 3 pillars through an extensive contextual analysis is a crucial approach in shaping spaces.