DesignerDavid Rockwell
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Transparency, transformation and a strong sense of presence are the underlying concepts of our design for WME/IMG’s New York City office. Located on the 18th floor of 11 Madison Avenue, a landmark concrete and stone tower, WME/IMG has sweeping views of Madison Square Park. In a nod to the tower’s elegant concrete base and the agency’s long history, the material palette highlights the beauty, modernity and strength of concrete. A concrete feature wall divides the reception area from a stage area. A delicate glass and rose gold-finished copper reception desk in front of the feature wall emphasizes the contrast between raw and refined materials. Cutout windows in the wall provide views from reception into the pantry and screening room – WME/IMG’s “heart space”. Offices are designed to maximize transparency while providing audio privacy. Both in-bound and perimeter offices have glass front walls to visually connect agents and staff.