GUND Identity Design

CompanyCynda Media Lab
ClientChristie Shin
DesignerCynda Media Lab
Prize3rd Place in Print / Corporate Identity
Entry Description

GUND was the first teddy bear manufacturer to truly capture emotion and facial expression in their product shots of plush toys. GUND’s new brand identity design pays homage to this tradition by means of a friendly, playful, and creative logo that draws focus on the most emotionally expressive elements of GUND’s signature products. This expandable and flexible logo system emphasizes the intangible qualities of the company’s work over the physical, reflecting the emotional investment that develops among their consumers.

About Designer

Cynda Media Lab is an award-winning design studio specialized in branding, digital publishing, and social media engagement campaigns. We identify new methods and channels to serve and support companies and organizations while developing designs that are aesthetically beautiful, technologically feasible, and economically viable. We have the aspiration and ability to use cutting-edge technology to drive creativity, but our processes and goals are always human-centered.