Fruit and legumes cluster - EXPO

Designerjekyll & hyde
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

Design a visual identity for fruit and legumes cluster placed at EXPO Milano. The visual system has to highlight the several parts of the cluster and the palette collocated next to the areas cultivated with fruit plants of different species. We developed a system of colorful circles which represent a stylization of fruits and legumes, in addiction we made a collage for each palette to illustrate the relative explanation text. The circles made by sampling the color of fruits and legumes, were placed on multiple grids to represent the grown and developing concepts. The collages on the palette were made in order to excite curiosity and attract the visitors.

About Designer

jekyll & hyde is a Milan-based graphic design and visual communications studio. It was founded in 1996 by Marco Molteni and Margherita Monguzzi. The studio works in the fields of brand identity, publishing, art direction, type design, packaging and web design. Many of its recent projects have featured in national and international publications and received awards. The studio favours teamwork, working together with great enthusiasm, an enquiring mindset and a playful outlook to develop simple yet radical products. It always takes people's reactions to the products into consideration: how they will use them, move them and complete them, discovering their meaning or perhaps even a different perspective. The aesthetic and practical decisions are always based on an idea. They have something to communicate and a concept to convey, making the project stand out in keeping with the company's values and those of its focus market.