Light Origami

DesignerKAZ Shirane
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Light Origami invites viewers to explore the nature of reality by entering a giant 3D kaleidoscope. The domed structure is bathed in light and is constructed using over 320 origami shapes made from mirror panels. Changing spectrums of light are projected within the space, and when mirrored against the mirror panels, the effect is like being inside a kaleidoscope. The interior space is spread eternal without edge of space.

About Designer

International renowned artist KAZ Shirane (Masakazu Shirane) based in TOKYO, recognized for its work in interior design, and spatial art. He has worked in several architectural offices in Tokyo, London, China. He has exhibited his work around the world such as USA, Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE, Bahrain and Japan. Recently he has collaborated world’s major company such as Tiffany & co., Sony, Capital One and iHeart Radio. He is an honor to be assigned to the designer of Tokyo Tower Top Deck.

Awards and Prize

Awards – Gold prize, A’Design Award 2016 (Italy) – Winner, German Design Awards 2016 (Germany) – Silver prize, A’Design Award 2014 (Italy) – Bronze prize, Design For Asia Award (Hong Kong) – CS Design Award, The 18th CS Design Awards 2014 (Japan) – Winner, Iconic Awards 2014 (Germany) – Honorable mention, The 7th IDA International Design Awards (USA) – 2nd prize, 23rd International biennale INTERIEUR 2012 (Belgium) – 1st prize, ENDO Lighting Corporation Furniture competition 2008 , Jury: Toyo Ito (Japan) – Winner, 30th Lemon company excellent student’s Diploma award 2007 (Japan)