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DesignerDion Seminara
PrizeHonorable Mention
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The restoration of Saints Peter and Paul Church is a perfect example of how traditional architecture can be updated and modernised without losing the history and sacredness of the old style. By updating the layout of the church but keeping the original colour schemes and brickwork, the design effectively understood and evoked the underlying principles, values and philosophy of the project. The design benefited the environment by restoring the artworks and brickwork and by keeping the original altar as a beautiful backdrop to the liturgies. A smaller than average budget for this type of restoration can still provide amazing results as shown in this project. Saints Peter and Paul Church shows that public worship design can be modern, without losing the iconic traditional design. The gathered Church now feels one with the liturgy, however still feels as if the church has not lost its spirituality.

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Established in 1993 dion seminara arhitecture designs projects for individual clients throughout south-east Queensland. With strong empahasis placed on design for our climate ; design to satisfy client requirements and design to suit site issues we have completed over 700 projects.

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