Barranco Restaurant & Lounge

DesignerBishop Design LLC
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The brief was to realize the Client’s vision of creating a Peruvian Nikkei restaurant and lounge. The desired Interior was to be sophisticated yet casual and fun - “A trendy lifestyle destination”. The venue has an Interior comprising of a grand entrance, ceviche and tiradito counter, a dramatic two story wine/pisco display, a vibrant indoor/outdoor bar/lounge and terrace all in an ‘iconic interior’ that was to be a contemporary take on Peruvian features and patterns set within a warm soothing colour palette showcasing genuine natural materials and textures. Traditional interpreted Peruvian weaves, natural skin combined with split faced stone, intricately pressed forms and a use of contemporary and naturally innovative materials which culminate in the creation of the desired Interior aesthetics. Barranco is a sensibility of taking from a given culture surrounded by another environment which becomes its own, a combination of both influences blending into a single style.

About Designer

Founded by Paul and Ellen Bishop in 2004, Bishop Design L.L.C. has continuously completed projects across the entire MENA region as well as internationally. An excellent and award-winning portfolio of Commercial, Hospitality, Retail and Residential projects have been secured through recommendation, referral and repeat business – a true endorsement of the company’s abilities. The success is mainly owed to the dedication and personal touch that is applied to each and every project executed. It is through Bishop Design LLC’s execution of well-planned design solutions, extensive expertise of product knowledge and costs along with the dedicated coordination and supervision, that their portfolio holds hundreds of successfully executed projects worldwide. Utilizing state of the art materials and products incorporating bespoke custom-made pieces enables Bishop Design LLC to continually expand and develop new design methods in the ever-changing market.