Zhongshan Hilton Hotel

CompanyHirsch Bedner And Associates Limited
ClientAnne Chan
DesignerAnne Chan
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The hotel located at Mount Putuo Island, features 378 guest rooms. The property also boasts 4 restaurants, lounge & bar, spa, indoor pool and fitness center, as well as kid's club, chess rooms and gift shop, ensuring all guests needs and desires are met. The majestic Putuo Mountain creates a unique backdrop for the property, settled on one of the 400 Islands of the Zhoushan Archipelago on the East China Sea. The surrounding ocean inspired the interiors of the project, translated in the fluid shapes, patterns of carpets, forms of the chandeliers and textures of the fabrics. Elements of Buddhism, the Lotus flower and fisherman village motifs are also featured in the artworks and artifacts, as well as the colours and textures of the fabrics. All these interior elements are enveloped in contemporary, clean architectural form allowing the guests to relax, contemplate or work at this unique hotel.