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PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

In a world where innovation is considered the key to success, ‘out of the box’ thinking is sought after by individuals and organisations alike. ThinkBook is the first notebook designed to facilitate lateral thinking, with a toolbox that supports creative problem solving. ThinkBook includes tried and tested methods and exercises for seeing problems in new ways [looking] and approaching them differently [leaping]. The writing and doodling pages take the usual ruled lines in a notebook ‘for a walk’, with an evolving grid that gives a new way to engage with idea generation. ThinkBook literally thinks outside the box, with a triangular format that opens flat to a very usable square format. It harnesses the cutting-edge digital printing and finishing capabilities of Digitalpress, with metallic gold ink blended with colour for the note pages, white ink for the toolkit pages, and raised clear foil to the cover.

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