GlobalLogic Gallery

ClientShivanjali Tomar
DesignerBret Janak, Shivanjali Tomar, Tim Meador, Flavio Carvalho, Adriana Fracchia, Laura Mosca
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Method worked with GlobalLogic to design the Gallery - an interactive, immersive space that showcases the broad range and impact of their work with customers. Engineering and technology companies typically talk about their work in technical terms, but GlobalLogic wanted a way to show they do more than just make products and services: they power products and services that help save and improve people’s lives. To achieve this integrated experience, Method developed a space with more than just a single channel, and structured content not by business unit or market sector, but by human value and impact. To display content, Method designed a full width and height digital wall and custom designed and built hybrid display podiums in the lobby of GlobalLogic’s headquarters. This digital and physical experience expands the ways GlobalLogic are able to showcase their work, and by doing so produced a solution for how technology companies can tell their story.

About Designer

Method is an experience design firm. We collaborate with clients to bring insight, strategy, and design to solve the complex problems facing brands, products and services in a connected world. Helping clients clarify the purpose and intent of their brand, we give their customers a reason to care, and lead the creation of unique and innovative experiences that engage customers around value. Located in SF, NY, and London, we have over 15 years experience in using the lens of experience design to provide clients with a service design approach to delivering value that spans all stages and touchpoints of the customer's relationship with a brand.