ClientTaiju Yamashita
DesignerTaiju Yamashita
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

This office was designed for Wantedly Inc., who runs social recruiting and networking platform based in Tokyo, Japan. The concept was “Connecting the Space: On and off”. To represent the company philosophy “To increase people who truly enjoy their jobs”, the design was aimed at smoothly connecting the working area with informal space so that employees can feel relaxing and fun atmosphere just like working at their living room. Also, since the client often holds huge in-house events and career support seminars, it was necessary to establish large open space that can hold many attendees and promotes effective communication between workers and visitors. The challenge was to design the space where fosters collaboration and communication between everyone who visits the office while providing sense of privacy in the working area. The goal was to go beyond the office design clichés to revitalize workplace collaboration rather than simply decorating.