CompanyRaineri Design srl
ClientWilliam Raineri
DesignerWilliam Raineri
Prize3rd Place in Print / Packaging
Entry Description

The ForteMasso winery is in Piemonte and therefore has to measure itself on the market with some of the best players in the sector. The branding operation adopted by the agency Raineri Design has had to consider a variable as burdensome as it is fascinating: history. Raineri Design has created a lettering, a brand and bottle label in perfect Piemonte/French style, thus reconstructing the elements in a philological but evolved fashion, reflecting the geographical area and utmost level. Contextually a detailed strategy has been created in which the values of the brand, market positioning and completeness of the range are essential elements. The lettering has been designed specifically for ForteMasso, and is an integrated part of a more ample Branding project which includes the holding and the other wineries in the group Agricole Gussalli Beretta.