Challenger 650 aircraft interior

CompanyBombardier Business Aircraft
ClientBombardier Business Aircraft Design Team
DesignerTim Fagan
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

The Challenger 650 cabin features attractive fluid lines and luxurious comfort, industry-leading connectivity as baseline, new levels of control, and well-designed flexibility. The stunning new seat and side-ledge designs, inspired by elite home furnishings and high-end automotive trims, are in great aesthetic synergy with all of the new cabin features. Passengers experience exceptional seat width, integrated deployable headrests, and ergonomic leg-rests for more comfort. The angled side-ledge, which features exquisite hand-selected wood highlighted by a ribbon of metal provides an ideal platform for touch-screen Passenger Control Units (PCU). It provides customers easy access to cabin controls right at their fingertips, as well as real-time flight information. This flexible cabin design allows customers to choose from a variety of floor plans to customize the space according to their in-flight needs. The overall cabin design offers a sense of increased freedom, making passengers feel as though they never left home.