Mooi Nederland

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Entry Description

Complete stamp series of the Beautiful Netherlands fortified cities. Old city maps were used to design the stamps. The Hulst stamp is based on a city map from 1645, while Willemstad is based on a map from 1740. These historic images show how the construction of city walls, corner towers and city gates turned the towns into well-protected fortresses. The graphic background of the stamp is inspired by the symbols cartographers at that time used to indicate the character of the surrounding area, such as arable land, swamp, water, meadows, polders and orchards. The colors of the stamps are based on the dutch flag. The font used is the Trio Grotesk which based on the work of legendary dutch designer Piet Zwart.

About Designer

We enjoy working at the cutting edge, challenging ourselves and those around us, looking further than the length of our nose. Our way of working is between that of a design studio and an ad agency. We create conceptually and strategically strong projects with clear, clever designs and solutions. We think before we act, but we act before we talk. That is what we call Smart Design. Smart Design on a daily basis means that we work for very different clients, like museums, cities, government, educational institutes, charity but also pr-marketing agencies and commercial clients. We like to work on total concepts, to create not only the logo but also the name of the product, the image, the message, the strategy. This results in a strong graphic design in which the form follows the content. And because of this we are a multi-disciplinary agency that works in the field of identity design, publication design, event design, exhibition design, campaign design.