Suining City Hedong PhaseⅠUrban Design

DesignerZha Jun
Prize3rd Place in Architecture Categories / Urban Design
Entry Description

This project is in a green axis of CBD zone which is surrounded by several traditional architectures. In the meanwhile, this project will play a guidance role in building a Sponge City which has the functions of water absorbing, water holding, water purification and water release.In this case, this project primarily demonstrates two characteristics, including the integration of ‘Sponge City’ design, the protection and renewal of existing architectures. By combining the major landscape axis and the key points of ‘Sponge City’ construction, taking the advantages of water absorbing capacity of urban green vegetation, this project will sharply reduce the pressure of urban water supply and drainage. At the same time, this project will also analyze the style and quality of traditional architectures. With the rational renovation measure of these architectures and the integrated design of green axis park, this site will be transformed into a historic place.

About Designer

Affiliated to Shanghai Xiandai Architectural Design Group, East China Architectural Design & Research Institute (ECADI) is one of China’s most influential architectural design institutions. Over the years, ECADI has designed projects for provinces and cities nationwide, and dozens of countries and regions as well. We have completed over 10,000 design and consulting projects, and cultivated many outstanding experts and talents including academicians and national design masters.