Design House

DesignerTSvetomira Girginova
Prize2nd Place in Architecture Categories / New Commercial Building
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Entry Description

If freedom is the oxygen of the soul, then design is the oxygen of the architecture. Architecture not just as form & function, but also as a cause. DESIGN HOUSE (DH) symbolizes “The Path” of Design: from the birth of an idea, sketches, drawings, models, through the Mock-Up(prototyping), to the public presentation. There are also workspace(offices) for young artists, impressive restaurant “in the air”, multifunctional spaces, bookstore, library, bar, interaction-new technologies. Development of the Product design will affect the national industry, politics, marketing. There’s also attention to the other Design: graphic, typography, fashion. DH will be a “prelude” between university and the dream career – to avoid trap of 'nothingness' after graduation. A park – to feel connected with Nature, to express, impress, show design innovations. Symmetry, balance, air. Steel construction-graceful design, ethereality, recyclable. Steel frames, diagonal bracing, trusses, beams, columns. Reinforced concrete – underground level. Interior – dynamic foyer and restaurant.

About Designer

Freedom is the oxygen of the Soul. Design is the oxygen of the Architecture.