Stories never to forget – Synagogue Appingedam

DesignerPaul Mulder Albert Buring
Prize3rd Place in Interior Design / Exhibits, Pavilions and exhibitions
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Entry Description

Appingedam had a large Jewish community before WorldWar II started. This community fell apart completely during this war. The foundation, responsible for protecting the heritage in Appingedam, wanted to honor the community that once lived their lives in this area with this synagogue as a central point. So we made a very special bookcase. It carries 56 books, representing 56 life stories of individuals, belonging to the Jewish community. They describe what is known of their shortened lives but all have the same amount of pages. Every book has a series of blank pages to illustrate the unfinished and abruptly ended lives. We wanted the bookcase to show signs of destruction both war and time put on things and people. We made the bookcase out of rusted Cortensteel. The lights in the bookcase turn on if someone approaches it. It lights up and dims in a rhythm that resembles breathing.

About Designer

212 Fahrenheit is a creative agency from Groningen, The Netherlands