(Everyone can make music with) MusicMonster

DesignerPaul Mulder Albert Buring Herman Kopinga Martin Steeghs Gijs van Veldhuizen
Prize2nd Place in Education / Self learning devices
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Entry Description

With a strong believe in the importance of experiencing music education, Musicschool Zuid-Groningen asked 212 Fahrenheit to find a way to inspire kids to come over and learn to play music. They came up with the idea to create a music machine: made out of different instruments, able to produce music even when played by kids that never had played an instrument before. This machine could make a tour visiting schools around the country and thereby letting kids experience the magic of making music by themselves. MusicMonster has been on tour at schools around the country already and the response is amazing. Kids enjoy the fact they can play music together and find inspiration in the fact that Music Monster is so approachable. Playing music is now accessible for every kid, thanks to this one-of-a-kind music machine. MusicMonster was finalist at the European Design Awards (2015).

About Designer

212 Fahrenheit is a creative agency from Groningen, The Netherlands