HEXAGON / R & D Center

DesignerOsamu Morishita Architect & Associates
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

The ‘Hexagon R & D center’ in japan, is a location to brainstorm and create innovative ideas for the international plastics manufacturing company like networks on the internet or synapses of the brain to create the environment where people can stimulate each other to innovate their products. The overall rectangular footprint can be reduced down to its smallest modular steel unit, the hexagon. This tessellated shape fosters free-flowing circulation through a series of flexible spaces that allow for constant re-adaptation. Double-height sections communicate with two-storey modules around outdoor gardens through a simplicity in connection. The redundant construction strategy benefits from a compartmental set of volumes climatically controlled through sun-heated reservoirs and thermal mass in the stone gabion walls. A designed air space in the roof structure helps control internal temperatures while the outer membrane collects rainwater for recycling, while interspersed green courtyards and towers help to cool ambient air temperature.

About Designer

Osamu Morishita, Architect & Associates is a first-class architectural office specialized in the design, in the supervision and the project management of buildings, from shops to public facilities, even new construction and renovation. Not only specialized in environment design, object and product design, interior design, we can also manage every kind of work releated to the realization of a project. We can design the architectures under the commissions of our clients. We always keep in mind what we can offer and how to ensure the interest of our clients. In order to make the best decision, we propose to the client an anticipation of how the building should appear at the end of the works. In this way we are able to obtain from the beginning the trust and the satisfaction of our clients. At the same time we are aware of our responsibility not only on our clients, but also on the entire society, because any architecture is an evident part of the environment during all its existence. Looking at the future, we would like to realize never old architectures able to resist to the flow of time. Architecture is the result of the meeting between the designer and who asked for it, it is not a determined solution. It is just a coincidence chosen between thousands of possibilities. The confidence in these principles and the verification of the best solution for all the people related with the realization of the project, permit to reach the right choice.