A cafe brand, \'ALONE\'

DesignerJiyoung Jeon
Prize1st Place in Print / Logos, Trademarks and Symbols
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Entry Description

A brand ALONE is a fictitious cafe brand that offers the value of being alone: fulfillment, satisfaction and comfortableness. The cafe ALONE provides isolated spaces and sells various types of teas to create a relaxing atmosphere. This cafe also offers several goods, such as a headphone linked to a music app, a note book for scribbling, and books with bookmarks, which are available during ‘The Alone time\'. The logo and visual system are inspired by the charging of a cellphone, which can be seen as a process that gradually \"heals\" the phone. As long as we take alone time for ourselves, we can get recharged with satisfaction. The brand logo and all visual systems are used on the packages, stationary, and the app. People can have a visual experience with the brand by interaction with the objects the brand provides.