2016 SilencerCo Catalog

DesignerMichael Shumway
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

We love what we do and we take pride in the products we produce; but above all, we take pride in our loyal customers – they are the lifeblood of SilenerCo. Their support and participation in our movement to “Fight the Noise” has inspired the theme and design of our 2016 catalog. This catalog is all about community and features stories and photos of some of SilenerCo’s actual customers and supporters. The majority of the photos were shot on film with the addition of tintype and digital photography. We chose an all grayscale palette, representing suppression, and incorporated handwritten elements to illustrate the community’s involvement in this project.

About Designer

Born and bred in the land of the free, SilencerCo started life when two men in a garage machined, welded, and shaped their dreams into reality. They had one core belief: Guns don’t have to be loud. Now in its sixth year of existence, SilencerCo makes more silencers than anyone else in the market. Yet our secret is simple – we care. We care about each silencer leaving our facility. We care about the shooters and their hearing. We care about our employees, and we care about our role in the American economy. We’re shooters, too – and we know how hard it can be to find durable equipment that performs. Our silencers have been shot, stripped, torqued, and blasted – and we constantly search for ways to make them quieter, more durable, lighter, and shorter.