CashCall Corporate Identity

CompanyRalis Services Corp.
ClientRalis Services
DesignerChristopher Clarke
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

When tasked to redesign the corporate identity for CashCall Inc, our mission was to recreate a brand identity and logo to engage the new generation of tech-savvy customers, while retaining the recognition CashCall cultivated over its 10 years in operation. In redesigning the logo, CashCall as both literal and visual components was kept in mind. However, since the company had moved to a technology platform, it was decided to no longer focus on the “call”. The company’s new approach in servicing clients in the tech space became the key to the inspiration of our redesign. When designing the emblem, we created something that would present the viewer with two shape interpretations, both of which symbolize communication. The face-to-face C’s in the emblem join together and its contours match seamlessly with a “chat” logo. Of these elements, the emblem has become the most recognizable piece in the company’s online presence.