DesignerKaren Michelle Evans
Prize2nd Place in Home Interior Products / Textiles/Floor Coverings
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Entry Description

Textures was inspired by my travels to South America. Having seen the most amazing landscapes and colours, I was touched first hand by their many living abstract forms and the beauty of their surroundings. These forms inspired me to think about recreating these textures on a rug that would eventually inspire the end user and be seen as a piece of art. Reflections is a three dimensional design in a two dimensional form that combines Art and Comfort. The texture was created by a structure of short and long yarns. The yarns were first twin-dyed twice to achieve a double tone giving a three-dimension tone before weaving. The rug was tightly looped with a second layer of hanging threads. This created the effect of movement of water that was the inspiration of the design. The overall effect is an object of modern design.