White Out Belfast

DesignerGina Cloe
Prize2nd Place in Multimedia / Online Advertising Design
Entry Description

After the Paris attacks on November 13, 2015 a movement of peaceful defiance began, centered around U2’s Belfast shows. I designed all campaign ads and gear. Our message was simple: Music fans and global citizens would not yield to terror or fear. And thus, the campaign’s slogan was born: #strongerthanfear. The line comes from a U2 song about the Dublin bombings in 1974. Supporters of the campaign, and several notable figures, rallied and participated en masse. This was pushed out over social media in only 3 days. The campaign was an overwhelming success. Supporters from around the world came together in Belfast and across social media, in solidarity with Paris. White Out Belfast was interviewed by U2.com and featured in several newspapers, magazines, and online publications. U2 themselves supported the campaign by displaying our hashtag #strongerthanfear on their screen for several shows.

About Designer

If you google the name “Clow” (the original spelling of my surname) and the word “artist” in the same search you will find an extensive list of artists which reaches back for centuries to my family’s beginnings in Scotland. I am very proud to be contributing to this legacy in a multitude of ways: Presently, I am a freelance graphic designer, still learning the tricks of the trade. I love designing music merchandise and album artwork. I have also designed for a social media campaign in which my designs were featured on posters, signs, shirts, and images. As the Co-Chair of the White Out Belfast Campaign I was responsible for campaigning across all social media platforms and handling public relations. The campaign was created as a movement of solidarity and defiance against terrorism after the attacks in Paris (11/13/15). The movement was highly successful and the band U2 paid tribute to the cause by featuring our hashtag at several of their shows.