DesignerAndrea Kis
Prize2nd Place in Print / Calendars
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Entry Description

The necessity to create a creative design calendar arrows during a preuniversity project. After thorough research I decided not to go with a simply decorative but rather come up with a multipurpose paper sculpture of some sort. Inspired by my gamer friends who were constantly in need of new dice since the old ones seemed to disappear so easily, I came up with the idea of a 3D Calendar with a hint of role-playing games. Each of the twelve sides refers to the months of the year and also shows graphics of different playing dice. The numbers shown in these dice-images are randomized in a way to ensure maximum potential probability. E.g. the image of a two sided die contains both 1 and 2 six times. Images of the dice on each side, the number-randomization and the calendar typography have all been uniquely designed by me for this particular project.