Caroline - Outdoor Patio Heater

DesignerArturo Fis
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

Essentially unchanged since the 1960’s, outdoor heaters have become a poster-child for ho-hum utilitarian design, the unwelcomed guest when the weather demands its invitation. With Caroline, we’ve elevated a vastly popular yet uninspired object by introducing a clean design aesthetic where non existed before. We’ve created a “Cinderella” moment for a product that permeates everyday life yet has been widely overlooked. Good looks aside, its design provides a more efficient heating canopy. The shade captures heat, redirecting it downward in a highly effective chimney-like fashion, enveloping guests with glowing warmth. Taking pride in our community, Caroline is handmade in Los Angeles from materials that are at once handsome, durable, easy to maintain, and friendly to the environment. Sculptural, sophisticated and packing plenty of heat, Caroline offers a modern redo of an outdated standard - a stylish solution to the not so small detail of keeping guests warm outdoors.