Magnetosphere Desk Lamp

DesignerLefteris Tsampikakis
Prize2nd Place in Illumination / Desk Lamps
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Entry Description

A desk lamp inspired by our planet and two of the fundamental forces of the universe, electromagnetism and gravity. Everything is attached and can freely move on the surface of the earth because of gravity. This desk lamp embodies the same concept but in this case using magnetism. The aim was to design a desk lamp which is functional, ergonomic, easy to use, extremely simple and also playful. The base of the lamp is a metallic hollow sphere and the arm consists of a wooden sphere, a pipe and a wooden disk which encloses a led board. At the bottom of the wooden sphere there are magnets so the arm can freely move and rotate on the entire surface of the metallic sphere. The wooden sphere works as an ergonomic handle which the user can grab and manipulate the lamp in whatever way he wants.

About Designer

Lefteris Tsampikakis was born in the island of Rhodes, Greece. In 2013 he graduated from the Department of Product and Systems Design Engineering of the University of the Aegean in Syros Island. He employs novelty as the ultimate purpose of his designs, referring either to functionality or aesthetics. From his perspective, design is a process of experimentation and understanding, aiming in the satisfaction of human needs. Currently, he is working as an independent industrial and product designer, collaborating with companies both in Greece and abroad.