Aero Dining Table

CompanyG.Rios Furniture & Design
ClientGerardo Ríos
DesignerGerardo Ríos Altamirano
PrizeHonorable Mention
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Entry Description

This piece models a sleek, lightweight style. The mixture of colors and the unique and pure style lines project an air of liberation, rebellion and classic entertainment from the 20s. The designer has always had a great interest in organic forms, and a passion for aviation and aircraft designs from the 20s. These interests merge to create the Aero collection: furniture thoughtfully designed to evoke feelings of a successful design era, the 20s, and the harmony and beauty provided by organic forms. The pure organic shapes, the retro feel and the intense personality are combined with solid Tzalam and Beech wood. Each piece is processed with state of the art machinery, but the final forms are hand carved, and the multilayer lacquer paint is applied by hand.

About Designer

Gerardo Ríos who resides in the Yucatán Peninsula has an artistic and technical brilliance in his work that reflects a unique elegance. His artistry and craftsmanship is a symbiotic reflection of what he believes in and often says “the daring romance and adventures that we find in people, history and our natural environment”. Ríos’ artistic spirit is inherited from a lineage of artists dating back to his great-great grandfather, the world-renowned painter José MarÍa Velasco.