Chris and Jessie

DesignerHyela Lee
Prize1st Place in Print / Corporate Identity
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Entry Description

Based on the two founders, Chris’ love for stripes, Jessie’s love for dots, and their collective love for socks led to the birth of Chris + Jessie. They hope their extraordinary socks bring life and fun to the mundane. In this project, I used mundane objects such as a window, a banana, and a cup of tea with a black half-tone, so the vivid and fun product does the same. The logo “C+J” is a custom letters from Avenir and Proxima Nova fonts and I used INT to add spot-gloss feeling.

About Designer

MARINE LANE Design Intern NY, NY. 01/2016–Present KCC STAR Ambassador / Graphic designer Honolulu, HI. 11/2015–02/2016 IKAYZO.INC Design Intern Honolulu, HI. 10/2015–12/2015 NOMURA DESIGN Design Intern Honolulu, HI. 06/2015–10/2015 SUDOKREW Design Intern Honolulu, HI. 06/2015–08/2015 MIXHAWAII MAGAZINE Editor and Ad Sales Honolulu, HI. 10/2011–10/2012