The elegancy of delicate mix and match

DesignerMing-Hsin Chung
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

This project is a 80-square feet mansion in modernistic style, the building situated at Sioushuei Township, Changhua County. The designer makes each floor has its own subject, the ideas satisfying the beloved America and simple style requested from the owner by presenting excellent atmosphere in every floor of the broad indoor space. The rock partition and LC film glass are used as the media between living room and worship hall, the arrangement creating the unique space hierarchy in the public area and making the residence as a fine art museum in which the artistic elements are ubiquitous. The contemporary aesthetics is the idea for designing the second floor, where the geometric space configuration and circulation is mixed with the warm wooden materials, which mix and match the fashion and avant-garde atmosphere. The open-style plan is adopted for the public space.