ClientKazunori Kawagoshi Ryusuke Nanki
DesignerKazunori Kawagoshi + Ryusuke Nanki
Prize2nd Place in Print / Books
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Entry Description

Utilizing an architectural approach to design a photobook that portrays the seasons depicted in the world of wagashi “Ikkoan” was made to reveal to the world the beauty of wagashi, expressing each season’s beauty by confections and the sensitivity of the artisan who makes it. This book is a collection of an extraordinary wagashi artisan, Chikara Mizukami(Ikkoan is name of his shop)’s work, covering 40 years of his career. Wagashi is an essential element in Japanese tea ceremony. Small enough to fit in a palm, each of these small confections carry seasonal motifs and are served with ceremonial tea. When you peruse the pages, 72 wagashi appears one after another, describing the 72 Japanese pentads. In this certain solar term descended from ancient times in Japan, season changes once in five days and rotate all 72 seasons.