ClientRoberto Maurizio Paura
DesignerRoberto Maurizio Paura, Francesco Mammetti, Gilles Traditi
Prize2nd Place in Media And Home Electronics / TV, Video and Audio Equipment
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Entry Description

At the base of design process for MoovBox user interface there's Moog Modular use method, that consisted of two movements: press keyboard button with one hand, and use the other one to rotate the control knob to modify the note. So MooveBox is designed to make it easy, infact it is possible to modify a note just using one finger, pressing one of the seven knobs and rotating it. MoovBox's body is also made of a flexible material, so it can be physically deformed, and every deformation will coincide to a sound distortion. Gestures for music compositions are studied to minimize daily stress. Thanks to his universal "audio-sign language, it is thought to be a device of "social meeting", that allows a comprehensive comparison between all users that want to share their own creations and their own music culture.

About Designer

In 2014, Roberto achieved the degree with honors at his specialization course. In the same period he strengthens his collaboration with Smart-I, becoming System Designer and Art Director for the company. His tasks at the Smart-I consist in improving the design of the camera and the optimization of its internal components. He is also responsible for the creation and the implementation of the interface system, and the corporate communication. Today he is the CPO of the company. In 2015, Roberto became professor in 3D Modeling at ISIA ROMA. In 2017, Roberto became the founder of Priyatech.