UP2 Rope

ClientYves Behar
DesignerYves Behar
Prize1st Place in Outdoor and Exercise Equipment
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Entry Description

The UP2 Rope is a lightweight wearable activity tracker, that is both comfortable on the wrist and complementary to your personal style. The standard activity tracker has been reimagined with a new rope-style strap, making it look even smaller on the wrist. The rope-like TPSIV rubber band with a polished metal hook is extraordinarily comfortable and discreet. The open strap allows breathability on the wrist, while looking complimentary next to a watch or jewelry. While other wearable activity trackers can be large and clunky, the UP2 places all of the technology inside a small, durable chassis on the top of the band. The curved aluminum top shields are laser etched directly on the chassis with delicate patterns that reflect the mood of the color choices: concentric rings for the gold, purple and turquoise finishes, circular crossings for champagne and beige tones, cross-hatched for gunmetal and black, diagonal striations for silver.