Stephenson Hardwood Office

DesignerSpatial Concept
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The concept for Stephenson Harwood breaks those stereotypes by examining how to foster corporate productivity, boost staff morale, and promote more meaningful client/staff interaction. Approximately 30% of the full floor layout is devoted to front of house elements such as meeting rooms & cafe. Yet the lines between areas for clients, management and staff are blurred through dynamic areas such as a curving green wall, pool table and dartboard immediately off the lifts. A café with bar and an assortment of soft seating at various heights allow for impromptu meetings in a relaxed and friendly space. A gym equipped with yoga mats, stationary bike and treadmill encourages staff’s health and well being during long work hours. To support an egalitarian and transparent corporate philosophy, the private offices to ensure confidentiality for each barrister and solicitor are treated with sliding glass doors and a reduced footprint.

About Designer

Spatial Concept is a boutique design studio that combines a wealth of global design experience with a focus on listening to clients’ needs and exceeding their expectations. We provide bespoke services cover from space planning, furniture design, design consultancy to design & build. project locations throughout Asia Pacific including Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Brunei, Korea and the United States. Successful interiors are the result of collaboration. Spatial Concept engages clients in the design process through interaction and a deep understanding of users’ needs. Our workplace design not only functional but also innovative and strikingly aesthetic. We create interiors that move emotions, using form, light, colors and textures to transform spaces into unparalleled sensory journeys.