Jumbo Seafood

CompanyThe ED Design Group Pte Ltd
ClientEmin Chong
DesignerThe ED Design Group Pte Ltd
PrizeHonorable Mention
Entry Description

The design of the new Jumbo Seafood restaurant in Shanghai, China, is a fresh interpretation of luxurious modern dining experience in a Chinese restaurant. The design also aims to further introduce Singapore in international f&b industry. The 5400 square feet restaurant can accommodate 114 guests in the general dining area and 62 in their seven VIP rooms. Aiming to bringing an essence of Singapore, the design was inspired by orchid, national flower of Singapore, which has also been celebrated for its beauty and is a symbol of nobility and refinement in Chinese culture. Welcoming the visitors is a structurally elegant organic feature ceiling light that leads to the main dining area thru a corridor tastefully designed like a gallery. A blend of modern furnishings such as bronze metal plate, contemporary chandelier, and traditional elements such as Chinese pattern is truly one of a kind.